Your bedroom space can easily be recreated. Try some of these DIY projects to easily expand your bedroom space.


In most modern homes, bedrooms are on the small side and storage space is premium. But small doesn’t have to mean cramped.

Strategically placed mirrors will create the illusion of a larger room. But there are many other ways to maximise the smallest available space and make it go further to give you a bigger bedroom.

Timber City in Stellenbosch has some nifty ideas for creating additional space in smaller bedrooms.


Curtains tend to take up more space than you realise. Vertical or Venetian blinds take up far less space and allow more natural light into the room, making it appear larger.


If your bedroom suite includes a conventional headboard, you can create more space by removing it and attaching a slimmer one to the wall. This also allows you to push your bed flush against the wall, giving you a few extra centimetres of space at the foot of the bed.

Floating furniture

A desk, a dressing table or a bedside table can take up loads of floor space. Instead, you can create floating furniture to provide the necessary storage and workspace without taking up too much floor space. Attach the desk or shelves to the wall, which will create additional room on the floor.

Bedside lamp

Suspend your lamp from the wall or ceiling instead of standing it on the bedside table. This frees up surface space and also provides more effective lighting when it comes to reading in bed.


A shelf behind the bed is ideal for keeping books and other items organised. Turn it into a feature incorporating the headboard.


A floating shelf over the door will add extra storage space and is even handy in larger rooms.


Mirrors help open up small spaces by making them appear bigger. In a small bedroom, a mirror or two – or even three – will help create the illusion of space. When that mirror is used to also store jewellery, you’re freeing up clutter from the dressing table, which also gives you more space for other things.

Now all you need to do is get started.

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