Soft skills your child needs to be ready to take on the world

How can we ensure that we are raising our children to become successful adults with fulfilling careers and happy lives?

 “Soft” skills your child needs to be #worldready!

It’s a no-brainer: Every parent wants their child to get a good education and go on to have a fulfilling career.

Along with the development and technical skills your child gets from schooling, an equally important set of skills to build in your child are referred to as “soft” skills. These are a set of skills that will ultimately help your child succeed later in life.

Let’s explore “soft skills”

Soft skills are often referred to as “core” skills and relate to how one works. Soft skills are made up of people skills, empathy, listening and communication skills, your ability to make decisions and solve problems. An easy way to look at this is to see soft skills as the “humanness” of work and hard skills as the technical know-how.

Ways your can teach your child soft skills

Soft skills are taught and built through experiences, role-modelling, and of course real-life challenges and learning. This means teaching them compassion, self-worth, how to laugh at themselves, how to pick themselves up when they are down and how to work with others.

The importance of soft skills for children

When your child becomes a young adult having completed their educational journey they will face the “real” world. This may even happen if they take on a part-time job whilst studying. Successful job candidates are usually those who have soft skills which generally relates to a positive attitude, making them more employable, more successful in the workplace and giving them a head start in the journey of life.