The North West Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation, and Tourism has warned liquor traders who fail to comply with the trading conditions stipulated in their license conditions that they will go to any length to ensure maximum compliance in the liquor industry.

This comes after the department discovered that most liquor traders disregard their license conditions during the festive season in order to maximise profits. According to the Departmental Director for Liquor Regulations, Khumoetsile Taoana, some license holders fail to comply with their license conditions, stating lack of awareness about the consequences as a factor.

The department has put in place various initiatives to curb illegal trading on a continuous basis, including awareness campaigns and compliance inspections across the province to educate liquor traders on their license conditions. The campaigns aim to encourage behavioral change on the ongoing rampant abuse of liquor, particularly by minors, as well as to remind liquor traders to trade within the confines of the law governing their businesses.

“We must work together to counteract this adverse influence and its implications on society in general. Our civil society has a role to play in ensuring that illegal trading is reported so that it can be rooted out of communities,” Taoana said. Taona said that the department will not hesitate to take action against liquor traders who violate the trading conditions.

The department would also like to encourage liquor traders who still haven’t renewed their licenses to do so immediately so that they don’t have to pay surcharges or have their licenses revoked. “The department remains committed to working with other law enforcement agencies to ensure compliance in the North West liquor industry.”

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