These top tips will help you keep your kids calm and composed during a long journey so you can all enjoy your road trip.

 Road trips with children can be stressful, but with a little pre-planning they don’t have to be. | Photo by Calvin Chou on Unsplash

Traveling with children – especially little ones – can be challenging. Children are easily bored, and they absolutely despise the thought of sitting still for even a few precious minutes, let alone an extended amount of time.

The lengthy road trip you’ve been looking forward to could turn into A Nightmare on Elm Street unless you know how to keep your child(ren) involved, occupied, and happy during the drive.

To make things easier for drivers and passengers included, we’ve put together a list of dos and don’ts for keeping your kids cool, quiet, and collected so that you can get to your destination safely (and with all your nerves intact).

Don’t forget to pack snacks

Children always feel hungry or thirsty during a long journey. So pack your bag with cookies, mini burgers, sandwiches, fresh fruits, and a few bottles of water.

Do give them some toys to play with

It will keep them busy for some time. If you have two or three kids with you, make sure each of them has at least one or two toys to play with. It considerably lowers the risk of children fighting over a toy and wreaking havoc in your car.

Do take some music CDs with you

Let your kids listen to some music and have fun. You can even play nursery rhymes and poems and ask your kids to sing along. It not only cheers them up but also helps them learn something.

Don’t forget to bring along some books 

Carrying some comics, magazines, or even a couple of Harry Potter novels can be an excellent way to keep them busy for a few hours.

Do keep them engaged and occupied

Keep your kids busy either drawing, colouring, solving puzzles, connecting dots, or finding answers to riddles. Doing an activity will not only keep your child calm but also stimulates their creativity.

Do take a portable DVD player along

Carry with you a portable DVD player and a bunch of audiobooks and DVDs of movies and TV shows that your kids like. While your kids stay glued to the screen for a few hours, you can take some much-needed rest and rejuvenate yourself.

Don’t forget to stock up on cleaning supplies

Carry plenty of tissues, hand wipes, and, if you have small babies, nappies, with you. Make sure you have spare clothes for everyone. They will come in handy if your children throw up, have an accident, or spill drinks on themselves.

Do take a few pitstops along the way

If you are taking the scenic route, make sure your car seats are positioned in such a manner that your kids can see through the windows and enjoy the view.

Don’t forget to enjoy the ride

Ask questions to test their general knowledge, sing along with them, play alphabet games and word association games, or simply do anything that keeps you and your kids busy as well as happy.  

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