A commotion ensued when the alleged hijackers tried to restrain the man.

A botched hijacking ended up in one of the suspects being shot dead by his accomplice on Monday night in Zone 7, Sebokeng near Vereeniging, after the driver of the vehicle they targeted put up a fight.

The taxi driver, who requested for his name not to be published, spoke to Sedibeng Ster about what happened.

According to him, he and one of the suspects who was armed, sat at the back of the combi while a second suspect drove the white Toyota Quantum with another sitting next to him in the front seat.

The taxi driver tried put up a fight with the armed robber next to him, who hit him with the bud of the gun on the back of his head.

During the struggle the firearm went off, hitting one of the suspects who was driving the vehicle at the time. This resulted in the taxi to losing control and plunging into house in Sebe Street.

The taxi on the scene where it crashed into a house.

When the two surviving suspects realised their blunder, they deserted the taxi and fled the scene on foot. Residents rushed to the scene after hearing the gunshot and impact of the crash.

Police in Evaton next to Sebokeng are now searching for two suspects following the incident.

SAPS spokesperson Constable Doris Nkosi said that a docket of car hijacking and an inquest have been opened.

Nkosi said the suspect who was driving the taxi was shot from behind and was declared dead on the scene.

“ A manhunt for two suspects who fled the scene is underway and members of the community are urged to please come forward with any information that can help to apprehend the suspects. You can use the MySaps App to send any tip-off or contact Evaton police,” she said.

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