Suspects denied bail in Rosettenville shooting

The 10 men arrested in Rosettenville where eight suspected CIT robbers were killed and several law enforcement officers injured, will remain behind bars for trail proceedings.

The 10 suspects arrested in February, after a gunfight between suspected cash-in-transit robbers and police resulted in a blood bath, appeared in court on Monday. Seven of the suspects, who applied for bail, had their request denied.

The group is accused of planning a cash-in-transit heist and appeared in the Johannesburg Central Magistrate’s Court.

They were arrested by officers who were following up on information received by national crime intelligence.

Suspects fired on two SAPS helicopters hovering in the area to support the operation, hitting the pilot and a passenger of the one helicopter.

Another two officers on the ground were wounded during a shootout between law enforcement and the suspects. Eight suspects were killed during the operation.

After numerous delays due to various reasons, the bail application was in the last phase on June 23 where both the state and defence addressed the court on the application.

The defence focused their argument on the police and the action they took on that day in February and said the state’s case against the 10 is ‘filled with holes.’

The state on the other hand said they have a water-tight case without giving away too much of the evidence that will be revealed during the trial.

The state also mentioned that some of the accused have committed or might be out on bail for similar crimes.

With seven of the suspects applying for bail the case was back in court on Monday for the verdict of the bail application, where all seven were denied bail.

The family members of the accused sat in the courtroom not showing any emotion as the judge read the verdict.

The 10 suspects will appear in court again on July 4 to hear about the timeline for the rest of the case.

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