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Madibeng’s lack of record-keeping deliberate to hide irregularities

The Auditor-General (AG) has expressed his concern in the 2018-19 audit over the Madibeng municipality’s blatant...

Brits: Vuil en geen water te midde van Corona-krisis

Brits se water is sedert Dinsdag vuil met ‘n onaangename reuk en volgens inwoners nie geskik...

PIC loses R1.1 billion to Madibeng

The Auditor General for the North West, Success Marota, on Tuesday told the Standing Committee on...

Madibeng buys three farms for over R50 million

The Madibeng municipality recently acquired three farms near Brits for a total amount of over R50...

Water woes – Madibeng management crisis continues

Residents in certain areas in Hartbeespoort were without water for a long period the past week due to the Madibeng municipality’s...

Municipal offices still at a standstill

The municipal offices in Schoemansville in Hartbeespoort have come to a standstill as a result of network and contractor issues.

Woedende inwoner breek munisipale kantoordeur

‘n Woedende inwoner het na bewering verlede week die munisipale kantoor in Schoemansville se deur gebreek toe sy haar glo vererg...

Water supply restricted

Periodic water supply problems in the Meerhof, Melodie and Rieftontein areas are due to the restrictions of the Randwater supply to...

Miljoene liter Randwater gemors

Ten spyte van gereelde dreigemente dat Madibeng se Randwater-toevoer verminder gaan word weens oortrokke rekenings, vloei miljoene liters water die afgelope...
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Madibeng employee in jail – accused of murder – but we still pay him

An employee of the Madibeng Municipality, who is accused of murder, has been paid a monthly salary of almost R40 000 for the past year while he has been in jail.

Liquor industry on its knees

Industry leaders today said they had mere weeks left to avoid an inevitable crash which would...

Bosbokke by Meerhofoewer deur honde verskeur

Drie Bosbokke is Maandagnag by die Meerhofoewer deur honde verskeur en doodgebyt.

Glen Afric dance the Jerusalema

Glen Afric in Hartbeespoort has joined the global TikTok #jerusalemachallenge last week with their staff dancing to the smash hit, Jerusalema by South African rising music star, Master KG.