Tech home improvements

There are always ways to improve your home systems and adding tech devices is the best way to go about it.

The world is becoming increasingly technological as time progresses. Technology has simplified many areas of our lives, and the home is the new frontier that is being transformed, with smart homes or home automation becoming more prevalent. Smart homes are homes that have appliances, and safety and security measures connected together via a system of automation that can be operated remotely. Upgrading your home with technological improvements can improve your home’s value and impress potential homebuyers should you decide to sell. You may be unsure of what exactly to install, but here are a few tech home improvements for you to consider:

1. Automatic light control system

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Automatic light sensors are lights that can adjust the lighting in a room based on the time of the day. For instance, during the day, an automatic light control system will automatically switch itself off. At night, the photocells (sensors that detect light) will perceive a drop in light and thus the automatic light control system will switch the lights on.

This type of light control system helps to save energy and can help with reducing the manpower required to manually switch on and switch off lights in a house, especially if the house is quite big. There’ll also be no need for you to worry about the security of your home when you’re on holiday because your lights will switch on automatically and people and criminals will assume you’re still home.

2. Use a smart device to adjust room temperature

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Adjusting room temperature straight from the thermostat is so last century. The modern way of adjusting room temperature includes using a smart device like a phone, tablet or laptop. You can adjust the temperature in your home regardless of where you are. About to drive back home from the office on a cold winter’s evening? Make sure you set your home’s temperature to a warm one prior to arriving at home. It’s convenience in the palm of your hands.

3. Wireless sound system

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A wireless sound system is a sound system that can be played from any room in your home. Listening to music or your favourite podcast out loud no longer has to be restricted to your living room. You can listen to music while you’re showering or taking a bath, or in the bedroom before you sleep. The best part is that this sound system will give you a surround-sound effect, making the sound in your home sound that much better.

4. Remotely controlled CCTV

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A priority for many South Africans is keeping their homes safe and secure. Not being home for days on end can be anxiety-inducing to many people as they’re unable to closely monitor their property. With remotely controlled CCTV, you can monitor your home from afar using a smart device. This makes going on holiday or being away from home less worrying.

5. Robotic vacuums to help with cleaning

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Exhausted on the weekend after a long week of working? This can make cleaning feel like a hassle. With robotic vacuums, you can significantly cut down how much you have to manually clean. Robotic vacuums map out your home’s floor in order to memorize the layout and clean as efficiently as possible. With this invention, chores will be a thing of the past (sort of!) and it can be particularly helpful if you have a huge house.

The world is constantly evolving, so why not evolve with it by installing any one of these tech improvements to make your home life easier?