The two teenagers who started a project to assist the community to keep the Schoemansville graveyard clean, and earn some pocket money at the same time, have cleaned and maintained 177 graves the past two months.

Marike (16) and Eugene (13) Erasmu

Marike (16) and Eugene (13) Erasmus spend their weekends and afternoons cutting grass and cleaning up overgrown and neglected graves on request of family members.

When a number of businesses read the article in Kormorant in January, they joined the community project. Panarottis and Harties Autobody each sponsored five graves, Pick ‘n Pay sponsored 10 and individual community members sponsored an additional 32 graves.

“The reaction was overwhelming. And we want to thank the businesses and individuals who contributed to cleaning up the graveyard,” said Charmaine, the siblings’ mother.

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Marike is saving her money to buy a small car during her matric year and Eugene will use his pocket money to do gymnastics.
Contact them on 082 570 5253.

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