Tenant killed while trying to rescue elderly couple during farm attack

A 60-year-old man was shot in the head and killed when he rushed to assist an elderly couple that was attacked by armed robbers on a farm in Bokfontein near Brits on Saturday.

Ronnie Cornick (86) and his wife Leni (76) were watching television at about 21:00 when the dogs started barking. According to police spokesperson Captain Aafje Botma, the wife left her husband in the lounge and went to the kitchen to open the door for the dogs.

Upon opening the door, four armed men, wearing balaclavas and masks forced their way into the kitchen. “She started to scream and one of the suspects grabbed her and pointed a firearm to her head and demanded money. Two of the suspects ran to the lounge where her husband was. Her husband must have heard her screams and was trying to get hold of his firearm that was under his chair. One of the suspects shot him in his upper left arm and he fell to the ground,” she said.

“Meanwhile, the two suspects holding the wife demanded money and she informed them that she only had a little in the study. She gave them R60 cash from her purse and they also took a laptop. While in the study, she heard several gunshots.” The tenant who had presumably heard the gunshots and went to the couple’s home to assist was shot in the head and killed.

The suspects then demanded jewellery and the wife took them to the master bedroom where they emptied her jewellery box into a bag and searched the cupboards and drawers.

When they were done the suspects told her to open the window of the master bedroom through which they escaped. She found her husband lying in the lounge and their tenant on the kitchen floor. The other suspects had also fled.

Cornick was hospitalised in a critical condition. The bullet had gone through his arm and penetrated his lung. “His wife sustained bruises. The suspects fled the scene and no arrests have been made yet,” Botma said.