Eckhard Jones (best junior 2019) and Adriaan van Wyk

The Hartbeespoort Tennis club championships kicked off last Saturday at the club’s tennis court after being postponed due to heavy rain the previous week.

The club championships will run until 7 March and has received 10 entries for ladies and 22 entries for men this year.

“This year, there is an A and B league for the men’s singles, so technically there will be two winners, although only the A-league winner’s name will appear on the club champion’s board and receive the trophy.

The women’s singles consist of only an A league for the trophy and then there is a men’s doubles as well as a women’s doubles, each winner will receive a trophy,“ said Adriaan van Wyk of the Hartbeespoort Tennis club.

The club has added an interesting twist to their mixed doubles this year.
“We have divided all entries into A and B league players. By way of random draw an A-league men’s player will draw a B-league woman’s player and vice versa. Because there are more men than women, we have two B-league men draws competing in the same mixed. We decided we want to try it out this year to give all of the entries in the champs a chance to have their names on the board and the trophy. It has been accepted as a very good idea promoting a lot of good spirit, fun and excitement throughout the club.”

The best junior of the year trophy will also be announced at the end of the championships.

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