The big clean-up is here!

The big Harties Clean and Restore takes place on Saturday and many thanks go out to members of Rotary Brits Hartbeespoort , Birdlife Harties and WESSA NAR who have gone the extra mile to get all the activities in place.

rganisations and sponsors have already begun working in various areas around the Hartbeespoort Dam.
“I would like to recognise the top sponsors like The Harties Aerial Cableway, Pick & Pay, REMAX, Plastics SA, Brits Poles, Dreiers, Build It, Kormorant, Neurorocket Marketing, to name but a few, who have committed to this initiative to benefit all residents in doing, marketing, cleaning and the restoration of key areas of the town, which will enhance the tourism potential once again,” says John Wesson, coordinator of the event.
“It is very encouraging to see the number of organisations and groups all wanting to participate on the day to help make a difference. We thank them.”
The first major clean-up led by Rotary, WESSA NAR and Birdlife Harties took place in November 2020, which was a great success.
“We wanted to do more than a clean-up, that is why the restore part of this project was introduced. The restoration aspect of the project is focused on upgrading all key routes through the town and dam wall, which includes the physical cleaning of the walls and arches, enhancing the dam wall picnic area, pruning trees and more importantly repairing potholes, marking roads and fixing the collapsing road edges. The project also includes putting up poles to stop parking between the zoo and the dam wall. This area is currently a major litter area and also dangerous, as the road is very narrow, putting the children playing on the edge of the road in grave danger,” he said.
There will also be a focus on the water, to see what can be achieved in a few hours apart from the other five key sites around the dam.
“This initiative has allowed us to build up a database of key contacts which will make the next clean up a lot easier to organise.”
All sponsors will be featured on a large advertising board near Tan Malie, west of the dam wall.
“We look forward to meeting many of the Kormorant readers on the day, even if you just pop in so we have you on record for the next time.” The clean-up starts at 07:15 and wraps up from 12:30. Contact John on 083 444 7649 if you want to join in and help clean and restore our town.

Brits Poles planting poles near the dam wall
Roadworks on the way to Damdoryn
Repair of the barriers at the dam wall
Palisades being fixed at the dam wall
The picnic area at the dam wall gets a lawn