After almost two years of COVID lockdown, the Kickboxing South African championships was held again.

The team, is in the back row: Christopher Swarts (bronze and silver), Damian Peacock (bronze and silver), Franco Dippenaar (2 silver and 1 gold ), Declan Mac Gregor (3 gold overall SA champion), Schalk Mc Carthy, Corneluis Grobler (1 gold SA champion, 1 silver, 1 bronze), Alexander Mans (2 gold SA champion), Franco Joubert (2 silver, 1 bronze). Centre: Ronin Swarts (3 gold SA champion), Corlea Grobler (1 silver), Musa Masemula (1 gold SA champion, 1 silver). Front: Misha Alcaraz (1 gold SA champion, 1 silver), Keenan Peacock (1 gold SA champion).
Not present: Aiden Hartman (2 silver), Inge Joubert, Bothlane Lengana (2 silver) and Jordan Nelson.

Provinces around the country took part over a two-day period. Red Dragon of North West took 17 students and excelled by bringing home 13 gold, 16 silver and 4 bronze medals.

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