Sebastien Francois Yves Herve de Rose ordered this particular Monster 1200 S from the Ducati dealer in Milan and was invited to Borgo Panigale for the occasion. 

The bike was personalised with a plate bearing the number 350 000 and was delivered to the owner accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Claudio Domenicali and a sketch of the Monster signed by the designer, Angelo Amato.

The Monster is the greatest-selling Ducati model of all time and the longest-serving motorcycle in the range. Its legend was created in 1992 when the company had the intuition to put a Ducati with a Superbike chassis on the road, stripped of the fairings and all elements not strictly necessary.

This is a Monster 1200 S “Black on Black”, which Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali and the director of the Ducati Design Centre, Andrea Ferraresi, personally delivered to its owner, the Ducatista Sebastien Francois Yves Hervé de Rose.

With the launch of the M900 model, the first Monster ever, Ducati was able to give rise to a new segment of the motorcycle market – the sports naked – creating a bike that has represented a true benchmark for several generations.

Over the course of almost thirty years, the Monster has changed, improved, and evolved from a technical and aesthetic point of view, but without ever losing sight of its main goal: to be a fun-to-ride bike for motorcyclists all over the world and to inspire new generations of enthusiasts.

From the legendary Monster 600, which opened the Ducati world to many young motorcyclists, to the second generation with the 696 and 1100 models, passing through the four-valve versions, up to the most recent 797, 821 and 1200, Monster represents an extraordinary success for the brand and for the Ducati company.

On 2 December, the Borgo Panigale manufacturer presented the new generation of the Monster to the public, which will arrive in dealerships in April.

The Monster is a light and essential bike inspired by the original recipe of 1992, with a frame derived from the superbike and a high-performance engine perfect for road use.

Thanks to the new design, evolved in a modern, sporty, elegant and technological direction, the new Monster is the ideal choice both for those approaching the world of two wheels for the first time and for the expert rider. It is ready to inspire new generations of motorcyclists with brilliant but always easy-to-manage performance, extremely low weight, a nimble and intuitive chassis and a prestigious array of electronic equipment.

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