Aside from building strong family ties, spending time playing board games with your children can have a surprising range of benefits.

The surprising advantages of board games for children
 The benefits of board games for kids are far-reaching.

Did you know that board games can help improve your child’s language development and teach them important life skills like teamwork, patience, and how to win and lose graciously?

Read on to learn about the six great benefits of board games for children.

1. Board games provide early learning chances

Simple board games can help young children distinguish colours, count spaces, and build hand-eye coordination and dexterity as they move cards and pieces around the board. Furthermore, learning to wait your turn and observe the rules are valuable lessons that will benefit children far beyond the living room floor.

2. They stimulate the brain

Board games are a simple technique to promote healthy brain development in children, tweens, and teens. According to research, strategy games can help the frontal lobes of the brain develop. Those frontal lobes are in charge of executive function skills such as planning, organising, and making sound judgments.

3. They improve your child’s concentration

Board games can help lengthen a child’s attention span when played without interruptions. To gain the benefits, everyone must commit to seeing the game through to the end. If your family sits down for a game of Chinese checkers, make sure to finish the game without everyone checking their phone, asking Alexa to play a song, or turning on the TV to check the latest football results.

4. They instil the value of collaboration

Board games frequently teach children meta-messages about life, such as how your luck can change instantly, for better or worse. But, aside from teaching them that nothing is guaranteed, board games are a great method to get kids of all ages to collaborate and team up – something they’ll need to do throughout their lives.

5. They teach children the importance of rules

When a child learns how to follow the simple rules of the board game and finds it logical and reasonable, it is a wonderful practice for following the rules during everyday life.

6. Playing strengthens family bonding

Board games create a reason to gather family or friends together to play. Playing board games is an easy way to spend quality, screen-free time with your children – and you might be surprised at how much they enjoy playing.

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