Alastair and Michelle Mckenzie, owners of the Squires restaurant, who were shot in their bed in Kosmos last week, are on the mend and recuperating back at home.

Greg, Michelle, Lexi and Alastair Mckenzie

The couple was attacked in their home on Tuesday, 1 November, around 02:00 while sleeping. Daughter, Lexi, and son, Greg, were woken up by shots and found their parents covered in blood in their bed.

Both were shot in the face, and a bullet shattered Michelle’s index finger. A bullet fractured Michelle’s jaw and lower teeth and she underwent a five-hour operation to repair the damage. One bullet penetrated Alastair’s cheek into his mouth, and another fragmented his cheekbone and lodged in his nasal cavity. Both had also sustained blows to the head and Michelle had a skull fracture. The couple have undergone reconstructive surgery and spent several days in the intensive care unit. Speaking from their home this week, Alastair said it is extremely traumatic what they are going through.

“The trauma is almost worse than the physical injuries. This is very concerning and we are getting trauma counselling. Physically we are ok, but mentally we are struggling,” he said.

The couple does not know what happened during the attack. We were fast asleep and by the time we woke up, it was all over. Michelle thought our roof had collapsed on us. It was a frightening experience.”

Police spokesperson, Colonel Amanda Funani said the attackers entered the house through a sliding door. “No arrests have been made and the police are investigating two cases of attempted murder.”

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Alastair expressed his gratitude this week for the support they have been receiving from family and friends. “We would like to thank all our family and friends around the world for the amazing messages of support and encouragement. Thanks to our dedicated management and staff for keeping Squires on track. We have been inundated with assistance from the Hartbeespoort community- we will be forever grateful. As traumatic as this experience has been it’s also shown us how much love is out there.”

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