The thief caused more damage by leaving.

A thief who broke into an office in Hartbeespoort, passed out after and all-night party and overdose of cold medication.
The thief broke into the offices of financial advisor, Casper Kruger at an office park in Melodie Monday night by climbing through the roof. “We are on the second floor and the thief broke through a bathroom window on the ground floor. He came up to the second floor and broke through the bathroom roof, climbing through to our office,” Casper said.
The thief had a ball during the night. He made himself at home, ransacked the food supply and even made himself a hot water bottle! “He was quite civilised. He ate rusks out of a plate, finished the yoghurt and sweeties and then tried to make coffee from coffee beans in the microwave, which obviously did not work so well.”
The thief even warmed up water to fill a 5l water container to keep himself warm, partly melting the bottle. And then he discovered cold and flu medication! “He took seven flu fizzy tablets and three strong tablets for phlegm congestion!”
A full tummy and a medication overdose sent the thief off to La La Land. He passed out and only woke up groggily the next morning when office staff arrived.
“We were at the office just after 07:00 and found the door open. And there, on a piece of dust collection fabric, he was fast asleep. He woke up and tried to jump back into the roof, but instead, felt through the roof causing serious damage. I did not know if he maybe had a weapon and I locked him in the boardroom to contact the police.”
However, the thief broke the office blinds, escaped through the window and fled.
“He left us with some serious damage. On the bright side… he won’t get the flu for a long time!”

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