Thief trapped in roof of Brits shopping centre for almost a day

A thief was trapped in the roof of a shopping centre in Brits for almost a day before he had to ask ‘n shop manager for water from inside the roof on Friday afternoon!

It seems the thief already broke through the roof of the new Magalies Hills shopping centre in Brits on Thursday night around 21:00 when an alarm was triggered. Security services investigated, but could not find anything.

Imagine Inus Pienaar, manager of the PNA Magalies Brits’ surprise when he heard a voice coming from the roof, asking for water on Friday afternoon.

“I was on my way to my office at about 16:00 when I by chance looked up and saw a silhouette through the ventilation opening. I stopped to look more closely and then a voice asked me for water,” Inus told Kormorant.

Inus alerted security. It seems the man had broken through the roof of the building the previous night but could not get back up to the hole in the roof to escape. “On our security camera footage, he can be seen climbing out of the ventilation opening during Thursday night, and walking around in the shop as if doing shopping. He did not take anything, and after about eight minutes, climbed back into the roof. He could not get out of the shop without triggering the alarm.”

The fire department and police were called out to the scene and the thief was let out through the ventilation opening. He was arrested by the police.