Thieves who broke into a supermarket on Tuesday morning were caught only hours later after they tried selling cigarettes on a street corner only metres from where they stole them!

The house in the bush where the thieves were found with their loot

The thieves broke into Superspar at Sediba Plaza around 05:00 on Tuesday morning. A few hours later, an informant reported that four suspects were selling cigarettes on a street corner nearby. When workers from Superspar approached the suspects, they fled. PWV Security was alerted, and a chase ensued on dirt roads in the Melodie smallholdings area.
The suspects were tracked to an old house. Two fled into the bushes and two were apprehended where they were hiding inside the house. A large number of stolen items such as wine, cigarettes, eggs and grocery items, as well as a bag with housebreaking tools were found on the property.
The police arrested the two suspects.
This follows only a week after another break-in at Superspar.

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