The educator was injured when a group of armed men robbed learners who were attending a class.

 The items which were stolen during the robbery and later recovered when the suspects were arrested. Photo: Marshall Security

Three suspects who shot an educator in the face and robbed children of their belongings in Durban were arrested over the weekend.

According to Marshall Security spokesperson, Tyron Powell, the incident occurred in the afternoon in Sea Cow Lake, and the robbers were later arrested in Whetstone, Phoenix.

“Our emergency dispatch centre was alerted to a shooting in Gumtree Road at about 14:35. Numerous armed-response officers and special-operation team members arrived on scene a short while later and established what had happened,” said Powell.

The scene played out in Gumtree Road after three armed men entered the school premises, held up the school principal and fled with a handbag.

They then entered a classroom of learners, who were attending extra classes, and robbed them of their belongings. An educator witnessed this, and a scuffle ensued. He was shot in the face and is currently in a stable condition in hospital.

The fourth man waited in the getaway vehicle.

CCTV footage showed that the suspects were using a silver Datsun Go Plus, with Gauteng number plates and various other distinguishing markings, to commit the robbery.

“A detailed description of the wanted vehicle was circulated to all our officers to be on the lookout. At about 20:55, a vehicle matching the full description was spotted on Whetstone Drive in the Phoenix area. Members of our special-operations team, together with the Phoenix Trio Crimes Unit, stopped the vehicle and questioned the three occupants,” said Powell.

“While searching the vehicle, the number plates used in the robbery, along with other evidence, including the deputy principal’s handbag, were found in the vehicle. All three suspects were immediately arrested and transported to the Phoenix police station for further investigation and processing,” he added.

SAPS are still looking for the fourth suspect, who remains at large.

The suspects will be charged for attempted murder and business robbery.

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