Three reasons why you should eat in-season produce

It’s not only better for you, but for those around you too.

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As we head into winter, it is crucial to up your vitamin intake and load up on fruits and veggies to give your body the immune boost it needs to fight off those pesky seasonal colds.

When choosing your healthy greens, try to opt for in-season produce that is locally grown. Founder of Millhouse International Andre Redinger explains why:

It’s healthier: Eating fruits and vegetables that are local means that you are automatically consuming produce that has higher nutritional value. It will also taste better! When foods are grown out of season, they are not able to follow natural ripening rhythms and so manufacturers and farmers often use ripening agents such as chemicals and gases. The long distances the fruit, vegetables and other seasonal foods need to travel also significantly impacts the nutritional value.

It’s more affordable: In-season, local produce is generally a lot cheaper as it does not have to be transported from a different country.

It’s good for the economy: Eating in-season fruits and vegetables gives you the opportunity to support local farmers and manufacturers, who have worked hard to harvest their crops in time. Supporting local farmers and SMEs will, in the long run, ensure that you are not only healthier but also that the local economy thrives.