Tips to keep the car thieves away

Car thefts in Hartbeespoort is a big concern at the moment, and motorists are urged to be vigilant and be aware of car thieves’ modus operandi.

Here are some tips to help safeguard your car:

  • Never leave any visible items in your car, this is an open invitation to thieves.
  • Make sure your car is locked! Yes, try the door after locking it, especially after remote-locking as thieves use jammers to prevent your vehicle from being locked.
  • Put your car keys away in a safe place. Don’t put them in your back pocket, car thieves pick-pocket unsuspecting motorists soon after they walk away from their vehicles.
  • Do not park in isolated areas. Park where security officers and car attendants are visible.
  • Do not put your valuables like laptops in your boot in plain view. Thieves are watching at all times!
  • Besides immobilisers and alarms, consider additional anti-theft equipment such as gear locks and wheel clamps.
  • Before you leave your car, look around to see if suspicious people are lurking around.
  • Park in well-lit areas at night and avoid leaving vehicles in the street.
  • When going to a restaurant, park where your vehicle is visible if possible, or as close as possible to the entrance where there is continuous movement of people.
    “Car thefts are a big concern in Hartbeespoort at the moment, with a number of cars being stolen every week. We urge all motorists to be aware of the thefts and to safeguard their vehicles as much as possible to prevent them from being stolen,” says Hartbeespoort community policing forum spokesperson, Romano van der Spuy.