Rietfontein smallholdings seem to have become a dumping place for businesses and residents in Hartbeespoort.

One of the many dumping spots on the Rietfontein smallholdings

During a visit to the area, it was shocking to see the mounds of home and garden refuse, building material, and even a small swimming pool, dumped along the gravel roads. At one site huge amounts of asbestos taken from ceilings have been dumped along with ceiling boards and other building rubble. This poses a serious threat to the environment, people and animals in the area.

At one site, refuse from businesses in the area was found included business documentation. It is evident that Hartbeespoort residents also dump their refuse here. Kormorant found school books (with names) and other items identifying residents in the area. Kormorant is also in possession of videos and photos of vehicles offloading refuse. We are busy contacting the businesses and tracing individuals.

“We do not know what to do anymore. You wake up in the morning and more dumping has taken place. People are sifting through the refuse, stray dogs congregate here and when the wind blows, refuse is blown all over. We have approached the local councillor and Afriforum for assistance,” a resident said.

Illegal dumping is an offence and perpetrators may face heavy fines and even confiscation of their vehicles.

Kormorant has sent images and a request for action to be taken to the Madibeng municipality.

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