Joshua Dekker (18), top achiever and 2020 head boy of Mountain Cambridge School, is on his way to Europe after he has been accepted at three universities in England and Holland following his outstanding results in his A-level examinations last year.

Joshua Dekker

Joshua did not only write matric, he wrote the pre-university/Grade 13, known as A-level examinations and scored A* (above 90%) for all three of his subjects, 96% for Mathematics and 91% for Chemistry and Physics, respectively. Joshua had an overall average of 92.6%.

This enables Joshua to study at any university, and Ivy League universities, in 170 countries. Joshua has applied to six universities in Europe and has already been accepted by three, with one inviting him to apply for a Global Excellence scholarship. Joshua followed the world famous Cambridge curriculum.

“It is incredibly difficult to get in and we are so proud of Joshua. This is a wonderful achievement from a school in Hartbeespoort,” said MCS head, Carolina van Heerden.

As for Joshua, he is patiently waiting for response from the remaining three universities, but it seems that he is leaning towards attending the University of Rotterdam in Holland. “They offer a double degree over four years in the field I want to study. I will have degrees in Business Economics and International Business, as well as Econometrics and Operational Research. I will then complete my master’s degree in Finance Economics,” he said. “I am also very interested in entrepreneurship, and Rotterdam also offers a course in that.”

Even at his young age, he already has his career path planned. “I think maybe an investment bank as pathway to a hedge fund and then a corporate lawyers firm. And then of course work for myself.”

Joshua has been a hardworking student since he was young, but he firmly believes in a balanced lifestyle and regards fun and being active as a crucial component to a happy life. “I played soccer, I had an active social life but when it was time to study, I studied, and it paid off.”

He is happy with his marks and is looking forward to an exciting future. “My parents have always supported me and have urged me to consider studying overseas. They are just as happy. I am giving it until May to finally decide on a university, but at the moment Rotterdam seems to pull me,” he said.

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