Top hacks for a child-friendly wedding

Having a child-friendly wedding? Here’s how to keep children – and their parents – happy during your ceremony and reception.

 If you want to have kids at your wedding, make an effort not to sweat the small stuff.

Attending a wedding with children in tow can turn out to be disastrous. While eating cake and dancing on daddy’s toes is fun, weddings are also long, and full of boring things like speeches and slow dances that are hard for little ones to sit still through. The good news is that with a little planning, you can ensure a child-friendly wedding is enjoyed by all.

Here are a few tips that will go a long way toward making your special day a bit more special for your favourite little people (and their caretakers):

Don’t load them up on sugar

First things first: Children do not need bags full of sweets on the table or sugar-filled gift packs as they enter the church. Sugar highs plus missed naps and missed nap-time equals kids no one wants to be around, at all, no matter how cute their outfits are.

Plan some child-friendly activities

Place a basket at the reception that’s stocked with books, colouring pages, crayons, and simple card games – all of which can be wedding-themed if you’d like!

Get the children involved

Have a special dance at the reception that’s just for the kids; make a toast at the rehearsal dinner that’s geared just to them; give out jobs, like distributing party favours, to those who are able to help. Kids love to be included!

Include kiddy-friendly foods

The children will be out of their routine, and their parents will be busy. Plan snacks, meals, and drinks that kids will enjoy and parents will appreciate. A ‘goody bag’ with a juice box and a healthy snack (no sweets!) for after the ceremony will help improve morale before the reception starts. Plan a dinner menu that accommodates the children attending. Serve a kid-friendly (non-alcoholic, obviously) cocktail – one little cocktail umbrella can go a long way toward making the evening memorable for your youngest guests.

Have a designated “kiddy area”

If the venue permits, designate a space for children to get away from the wedding hustle and bustle. Are you able to find a space for a quiet room for babies and toddlers? A place with a few toys, where parents can put down their little ones and let them crawl around quietly for a few minutes? This could provide a much-needed break for the frazzled parents who really just want to have a good time at your wedding. Or better yet …

Hire a babysitter

This is the ultimate step in truly having a parent-friendly wedding. If your budget permits and venue space allows it, consider hiring someone to be available to supervise the younger children and babies as they play or rest. Your parent-friends will thank you.