Traffic cops wil now wear body cameras

Traffic cops will now wear body cameras to gather evidence, and also to protect motorists.

The body cameras were introduced on the N4 near Brits on Monday during transport minister Fikile Mbalula’s official launch of the 2021 Easter Road Safety Campaign.

“Traffic officers will now be issued with body cameras to support them in evidence gathering and improve conviction rate for violations of traffic laws. The body-worn camera will be a useful tool in dealing with the high levels of bribery incidents by providing a factual account of events,” said Ayanda Paine, spokesperson for the Department of Transport.

The use of new law enforcement technology was demonstrated at the N4 weighbridge near Brits.

Paine said the Road Traffic Management Corporation has taken a giant leap towards reinventing law enforcement by introducing a lasting solution to many law enforcement problems. ““The use of e-enforcement will not only bring about much-needed relief to the fraternity but will also enhance road safety for all road users, especially motorists.”

The minister also handed over 31 vehicles to the North West province to assist in law enforcement.