Lesego Nkuna (37) and Penelope Sehaswana (37)

Two Hartbeespoort beauties have their eyes set on the Mrs South Africa crown.

Lesego Nkuna (37) and Penelope Sehaswana (37) have been selected as Mrs SA semi-finalists and hope to bring the crown home between them.
Lesego, a mother of three and a businesswoman in the IT industry believes the Mrs SA platform will give her the opportunity to highlight the importance of a healthy marriage and positive parenting. “I want to bring attention to co-parenting and positive parenting. It may be seen as “soft” issues but it is these issues that may make or break our children and affect the type of adults they become,” she says.
“When I entered Mrs SA, I expected a pageant where we’d just model and answer the expected posed questions, but it has proven to be much more. I believe it will enable me to improve my business skills and knowledge and enable me to be the best version of myself. I expect my self-confidence, public speaking and business pitching to improve.”
When she is not working, she cuddles up with a book, goes to the gym and watches a lot of soccer. “That is because I am raising a future soccer star. I also enjoy watching movies and programmes with subtitles, because I don’t want to miss anything. I was probably a writer in my past life,” she laughs.
Her family supports her participation in the pageant.
“My family believes that this is the perfect opportunity to grow and learn and contribute to the community. I am challenging myself to make it to the top three!”
Penelope is the proud mother of two teenagers and pursues a career in packaging technology. “I see the pageant as an opportunity to motivate hopeless people. Another issue I feel strongly about is empowering the boy child. We see so many boys turning to the streets and drugs and alcohol. I want to be their voice and uplift them,” she says. “I also want to remind married women that they still deserve self-love and fun after marriage.”
When she is not working, she stays active, exercises and loves accompanying her son to soccer practice and her daughter to ballet classes.
“My family is thrilled about this opportunity. My husband totally supports me on this journey.”
Good luck to these two Hartbeespoort beauties. Bring home the crown!

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