Two lions caught in Marloth Park

The lions were spotted eating on an ostrich carcase in front of a resident’s house on Thursday evening, April 7.

 The two lions ready to be removed from Marloth Park. Photos: Supplied

Two lions were darted and removed from Marloth Park in Mpumalanga on Friday evening, April 8. These lions have been part of a pride that has been roaming the park since November.

MTPA team coordinator Chris Hobkirk and Marloth Park resident and volunteer Mark de Beer.

On the following day, Hobkirk coordinated his team and planned ahead by adding an impala carcase to the same area to ensure the lions’ return. As two lions returned to feast, the young male and female lions were darted.

“The young lions we tranquillised were close to four years old. There has been word that a total of five lions were spotted on Thursday, so we will wait for confirmation and be on the lookout for the others roaming in the park,” said Hobkirk.

The lions have been taken to a holding facility where they will be closely monitored and undergo veterinary checks under the supervision of the MTPA.

“We do not plan on euthanising them or releasing them back into the Kruger National Park – they will just repeat the process if we do.”

A leopard has also been spotted in the streets of the park more than once, but this was no surprise for the MTPA. Gerrie Camacho, its carnivore specialist, said leopards have been known to wander around for kilometres outside their territory.

“We still urge visitors and residents of Marloth Park to avoid doing outdoor activities close to dusk or during nighttime,” said Camacho.

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