Two tourists from Singapore tragically died when their kayak capsized during a river rafting excursion on the Crocodile River in Hartbeespoort on Sunday.

Four kayaks capsized.

The two tourists were part of a group of 20 in 13 boats who set out on the river earlier.
According to Arthur Crewe of SRU Strategic Response Rescue Unit, they received an emergency call around 14:40 about a drowning in progress in the Crocodile River near the Lion & Safari Park.
“We rushed to the scene. It seems one of the kayaks ran into trouble, got caught in the weir and capsized. Another three boats experienced trouble, collided and also capsized,” Crewe said.
While waiting for the rescue unit to arrive, tour guides jumped into the river to rescue the tourists. Six people were rescued from the water. “We performed CPR on the victims, but unfortunately two died. Two of the tour guides who tried to save the tourists also nearly drowned and were unconscious when we took them out of the water.”
According to information, the group of tourists took off from a camp near the Lion & Safari Park.
“This was just a tragic accident. The necessary security briefings were done before the group set out on the river. Our praise is extended to the tour guides who did everything possible to save the people in distress,” Crewe said.
Hartbeespoort police opened an inquest docket.

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