A security guard noticed that a child was unresponsive in a car parked at a mall and raised the alarm.

 A child was saved after a security guard became concerned for her safety. Photo: Medi Response KZN

A child of about four years old was rescued from a locked car in the parking area of a mall in Ballito yesterday afternoon.

The young girl was left in the car, allegedly for more than three hours, while the parents were shopping at the Ballito Junction.

With windows closed and the doors locked, there was no ventilation or airflow for the child, who fell unconscious.

Luckily, a mall security guard noticed that the child was unresponsive and notified mall management, who alerted paramedics.

“On arrival, paramedics immediately forced entry into the vehicle and initiated interventions on the child.

“After being placed on oxygen, she regained consciousness,” said Medi Response spokesperson, Paul Herbst.

SAPS officers responded to the scene and found the parents inside the mall, with the child placed into the care of medical practitioners, said Herbst.

SAPS did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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