Unemployment in North West over 50%

According to StatsSA’s recent Quarterly Labour Force Survey, North West’s real unemployment figure now stands at 52.2%. This means that more than half of the working-age population in the province cannot find a job.

“Out of a labour force of about 1.780 million, only 850 000 persons have a job. The number of unemployed persons in real numbers stands at 930 000,” said Leon Basson, DA leader in North West.

“This is a crisis that requires immediate attention. The North West Provincial Government must lead the charge against unemployment by ensuring that, in the spirit of cooperative governance, municipalities in the province clean up their act, to bring an end to fruitless, wasteful and unauthorised expenditure, fraud and corruption, and to begin to deliver basic services. North West towns throughout the province are in advanced stages of collapse. Basic service delivery like reliable electricity and water supply, sanitation services, the maintenance of roads and regular refuse collection are almost non-existent and erratic at best.”
He said businesses can only survive for so long in a province that has basically collapsed.

“With the collapse of governance in North West, attracting new investment opportunities to grow the provincial economy to create new jobs remains an impossible task. If we want to create new jobs in North West, local government will have to start to work in the interest of the people and not in the interest of ANC factions. Failure to do so will result in disaster.”