Unhappiness over Rietfontein road closure

The High Court in Pretoria has ordered that the road alongside Xanadu from the R511 to the Van der Hoff Road be closed.

This follows an application between Xanadu Eco Park Homeowners’ Association (HOA) and the Madibeng Local Municipality. The road, commonly known as the ‘Pretville road’, was due to be closed last week but the closure has seemingly been postponed.
Residents on the road have expressed their frustration since the notice of closure was posted on the road. This will force some landowners to use alternate roads which have become inaccessible due to lack of maintenance. The ‘Pretville road’ has also become the alternative route for people travelling from the Van der Hoff Road during regular protest actions at Sunway and Ten Rooms.
The dirt road runs through the properties of Xanadu and the Madibeng municipality.
Xanadu Estate manager, Carla Durand said this week that the application follows after years of dealing with a high traffic load on the dirt road, speeding and excessive dust.
“The Xanadu Homeowners’ Association and various other applicants took the municipality to court and the court application was settled on the basis that the municipality would implement measures in accordance with the applicable legislation for purposes of formal closure of the road.” She said not the whole road will be closed. “The court order only provides for the closure of a portion of the gravel road. There are three landowners who will be landlocked if the road is closed completely, the road will be closed after their properties to allow them access,” Durand said.
This means the road will be closed approximately one kilometre from the R511 turn-off.
She said residents using this link between Van der Hoff and the R511 will still be able to gain access to the R511 via the servitude road running parallel with the eastern boundary of the La Camargue Estate. “A portion of the road being closed is situated on the private stand belonging to the municipality which is not zoned for a public road. As such, residents staying west of the La Camargue boundary will be entitled to gain access to their properties via this now private road.”
Durand said Xanadu has offered to grade the alternate access road if residents obtain permission from the Madibeng Local Municipality.
The Madibeng municipality was supposed to comment on the road closure and measures to be taken to accommodate other residents who no longer have access to the road, but no response was received by the time of going to press.