When you buy a piece of furniture made by Woordworx Furniture in the Brits area, you are guaranteed to own a one-of-a-kind artwork.

The Woodworx team

Elizma Swanepoel’s unique furniture made from recycled wood and materials such as old-fashioned pressed ceilings has become sought-after collector’s pieces that will be a focal point in any home.

“I have always been involved in the art world and when we bought the woodwork company, it was an opportunity to live out my creativity,” says Elizma Swanepoel, owner of Woodworx. Her custom-made furniture is made from reclaimed wood and decorative old pressed ceilings. “Every piece is made from one of my designs and from reclaimed materials. I never look at other people’s work, my ideas come from looking at the available materials,” she says.

“Each piece is unique and custom-made for the clients. They tell me what they want, send me a photo of the area the furniture piece is for, I then design from there. I send clients my designs and progress as we go along. I meet most of my clients for the first time when I deliver the piece. I believe in personal contact and delivering it myself. I want to see if the client is happy and if it fits where it is supposed to.

Woodworx has an accomplished team of carpenters whose dedication and talents bring Elizma’s designs to life. “I am proud of my team. Everything is done by hand. We literally start with a heap of planks that are joined together. It is precise work with lots of attention to detail. It is a long process and demands skill.

Her range of furniture includes cupboards, headboards, bookshelves, desks, coffee stations, gin bars, bedside tables, and much more.

Arthur Pululo busy with a unique piece.

“We produce exclusive wooden furniture according to what the client wants. We also specialise in the designing and manufacturing of handmade individual kitchen units, to your liking. And then there is our funky range of gifts, kitchenware and home decor.”

Clients are welcome to visit Woodworx by appointment. Contact Elizma on 083 654 7233. Visit Woodworx Furniture on Facebook @woodworxbrits.

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