It was vaccination day at the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre this week! Although not all the recipients were too happy about the jabs, the anti-vaxxers kept mum…

Dr Peter Caldwell vaccinates a 10-week-old cheetah cub

It was time for the centre’s new cheetah cubs and wild dog pups, and even a Caracal, to get their vaccinations, microchips and a quick general health check. Veterinarian Dr Peter Caldwell, a long-time supporter of the centre, together with the cheetah centre team, spent a busy morning dodging sharp little claws and teeth to ensure that the little ones stay healthy. That while very worried mothers paced the enclosures nearby.

The cubs and pups received their first distemper vaccinations.

With travelling restrictions in place, take a walk on the wild side and join the cheetah centre in a bush walk, or drive, and see these cuties for yourself.

Inez Everaert of the cheetah centre with a wild dog pup.

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