Vandals destroy traffic signs

Vandals have gone on a rampage in Schoemansville and other areas on Friday night, driving over a number of stop signs and even a traffic light.

Traffic lights at Xanadu

Security cameras caught the culprit during his spree. According to a member of the local neighbourhood watch, the Toyota Hilux bakkie, fitted with equipment usually used for game drives, is clearly seen deliberately pushing over traffic signs at various locations. It drove into the traffic lights a Xanadu, pushing it over. In Schoemanssville, stop signs have been driven over all along Marais and Waterfront Streets. There might be more.

Madibeng municipality ward councillor, Martiza du Plessis, reported the vandalism to the relevant managers at the municipality who will lay charges against the culprit.
Anyone with information about the vandalism can contact Kormorant on 072 953 0071.

The vehicle caught on camera
Stop signs close to Village Mall