Structures were demolished and vendors’ wares confiscated.

The South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL), Madibeng Municipality, the police and traffic department clamped down on illegal vendors along the R511 in Hartbeespoort on Monday and Tuesday.
Vendors along this route were handed notices the previous week to vacate the area. When they did not respond, the relevant authorities pounced on the many stalls along the road. Soon after the first stall was hit near Xanadu, vendors along the R511 became aware of the operation and scurried to remove or hide their wares.
All illegal structures along the R511 were broken down, wares confiscated, and a small squatter camp at an illegal recycling site was demolished during the operation.
Residents and businesses along this route welcomed the operation. According to information, a follow-up operation will be done soon.

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