Victor completes first 94.7 km race

Victor de Beer, a Hartbeespoort resident and a member of Hartbeespoort Cycling Club completed his first 94.7 Joburg Ride challenge on 17 November at Midrand.

“Riding the 94.7 Cycle challenge, now known as the 94.7 Joburg Ride, always has been one of the items on my bucket list. In the beginning of the year, I bought my first mountain bike and my goal was to start training for the Argus race. Halfway through the year our company “Proconics” asked for riders to compete in the 94.7 cycle challenge,” said Victor.

He then joined the Hartbeespoort Cycling Club in the hope to prepare for the 94.7 Joburg Ride challenge.

“I only heard about the stories of the hills on this route and thought, they are city cyclist what do they know about hills. Well, I must say this event has some challenging hills. There were some instances where I wanted to join the crowd and push my bike uphill. I kept on telling myself if I stop now I will never finish.”

“My legs feeling like jelly was the least of my problem because the time in the saddle had me second-guessing my decision to take on the challenge,” added Victor.

He finished the 94.7 km race on his Merida Big 9 XT bike in a time of 5 hours and 18 minutes which he aims to improve next year.