Vincent Carruthers, author of Cradle of Life – The Story of the Magaliesberg and the Cradle of Humankind…

Vincent Carruthers with his gold medal.

Vincent Carruthers, author of Cradle of Life – The Story of the Magaliesberg and the Cradle of Humankind has received the Heritage Association of South Africa’s prestigious Simon Van Der Stel Gold Medal “for his substantial contribution towards the research, recording and conservation of the natural, cultural and historical heritage resources of the Magaliesberg and beyond.” His book on the Cradle was described as a seminal work and “the only holistic and comprehensive reference dealing with the Cradle of Humankind”.

Vincent has received many awards and medals during the course of his life as a conservationist: the Chancellor’s Medal, North West University; the Gold Medal, Wits University; the Rotary Paul Harris award; the Zoological society of South Africa, Stevenson Hamilton Medal; and a lifetime award from the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa. His extraordinary contribution towards preserving South African heritage and promoting conservation is laudable.

The greater Magaliesberg area has a unique geology, history and biodiversity. For decades now, specialists have been combing the area to uncover evidence of our heritage.

In his spectacular new title, Vincent Carruthers guides readers along a timeline, from the birth of our planet through to developments of the twenty first century. Along the way he documents the formation of our landscapes and the emergence of life, the rise of hominins, the stone and iron ages, early settlement, migrations, wars and modern developments in the Magaliesberg – the entire evolution of life up to the present, as we know it. Vividly illustrated with photographs, maps and diagrams, Cradle of Life portrays the intrigue and importance of the site, taking readers on a magical journey of discovery.

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