The ongoing violent protest at Sunway and Ten Rooms squatter camp in Van der Hoff road has caused severe disruptions to residents, businesses and commuters in the area for the past two days. This follows a violent disruptive protest last week.

Protesters have been blocking off Van der Hoff, as well as gravel roads to prevent people from using the road, causing mayhem to commuters, businesses and motorists using the road daily.
Residents in the area have been held hostage for the past two days.
“We are prisoners in our homes. The children cannot go to school. We cannot go to work and we don’t even have milk in the house. Where is the law enforcers? How can this be allowed,” an angry resident told Kormorant.
The public order police have been deployed to the area but have not dispersed the crowds.
The protest is supposedly about lack of transport for school children, but Kormorant was informed on Wednesday morning that buses have been sent to Sunway by the MEC of community safety and transport management but it was deemed “not good enough” by individuals in the community.

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