VulPro also needs your help

As with many other animal welfare organisation, VulPro is feeling the pinch during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“ As governments internationally begin to impose stricter restrictions on what work can be undertaken and with the loss of many volunteers, we have had to make difficult decisions such as cancelling non-essential field work and postponing the release of 2019’s captive-bred vultures. However, we are continuing to work hard to save Africa’s vultures. Birds still need rescuing. The threats facing vultures haven’t stopped for COVID-19 and nor will we,” says Kerri Wolter, founder of VulPro.

As an NGO, VulPro entirely depends upon donations and funding from the public sector and despite reducing activities, the current economic situation threatens its ability to undertake vital work.

“We still have over 250 non-releasable vultures here at VulPro requiring daily care and vultures throughout southern Africa still need our assistance. Whilst we continue to collaborate with long-term funders, it is becoming more difficult to source funding from organisations such as zoological societies with enforced closures internationally limiting their ability to fund in-situ conservation efforts. Now more than ever we need your support to survive, and to continue saving vultures.”

How can you help?
Individual and corporate donations of any kind are welcomed, adopt a vulture or create your own fundraiser to support VulPro at Visit VulPro’s online ‘shop’ to purchase VulPro magnets and bracelets, or buy a brick with you name on it at the vulture centre.
Bank details: VulPro NPC, Standard Bank Current Account, Account: 242139817, Branch: 019205, SWIFT: SBZAZAJJ.
Contact VulPro on or To learn more visit