Vulture rescued from hyacinth

Julie Lundt with the traumatised vulture.

Volunteers for a local vulture conservation organisation on Sunday struggled for a long time to get to a young Cape Vulture that was stuck in the thick hyacinth mass on Hartbeespoort Dam.

After becoming aware of the vulture’s plight near The Coves, Julie Lundt first tried reaching the bird with a jet ski, but without success. Another resident offered his trimaran motor boat and the group managed to get to the bird. Julie got into the water and after quite a struggle managed to get hold of the vulture, receiving a nasty bite from the traumatised bird in the process.

The bird was loaded onto the boat and safely transported to the shore. Another VulPro volunteer, Les Faber took the vulture to the VulPro sanctuary.

“Thank you to Jan Botma from Aviators who helped with his boat! Thanks to the Coves and its management for calling us and assisting us with the rescue. And thank you to our volunteers, Julie Lundt and Les Faber, and all the other people who helped with the rescue,” said Kerri Wolter of VulPro.