Vultures captured for ‘muti’

The vulture that was saved after being captured, presumably for the muti trade.

The vulture rescue organisation in Hartbeespoort, VulPro, has expressed its concern about vultures being captured and killed in the Hartbeespoort area for the ‘muti’ trade.

“What is concerning is evidence of increased vulture harvesting by locals in the Hartbeespoort area for the ‘muti’ trade,” Kerri Wolters, fouder of VulPro said.

This follows an incident the past week where a vulture was rescued after it had been captured by a local resident who was seen walking along the main road with the bird. “A member of the public called us and thankfully this good Samaritan managed to rescue the vulture from the individual, and contacted us immediately. The bird is now safely in our care, treated accordingly and is being monitored for release in due course. We ask all our supporters in this area, to be on the look out and contact us immediately should similar incidents be seen,” she said.