The man takes the baby while the mother bends down to get something from a fridge.

 Screenshot: The man can be seen taking the baby while the mother is shopping for meat.

A case of attempted kidnapping has been opened with the Brackendowns police in Alberton after a man was captured on a CCTV camera taking an eight-month-old baby from a mother’s shopping cart.

A video showing a bulky man taking an eight-month-old baby from a mother’s shopping cart has gone viral.

The incident took place at a local grocery store on August 21 at around 10:30.

In the video, the mother and her baby are seen shopping at the meat department. The mother then puts her baby in the trolley’s baby seat.

Suddenly, a man allegedly an employee of the supermarket, approaches the trolley, picks the baby up and walks away. The mother notices her baby is gone when she close the fridge. She throws everything down and runs after the man carrying her baby.

A very confused and scared mother is seen in the video holding her baby in her arms as she talks to the man.

Warrant Officer Gerhard Cornelius from Brackendowns SAPS confirms that a 43-year-old man was arrested yesterday for attempted kidnapping.

“The matter is under investigation,” says Cornelius.

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