Watch: South Coast fisherman wrestles 180kg shark during sardine run

After receiving a lot of negative feedback on social media, the fisherman explains that he wrestled the shark with good intent.

 A screenshot of Craig Bashford ensuring the bronze whaler shark is tackle free.

The video of a 21-year-old fisherman, Craig Bashford, wrestling a bronze whaler shark in the shoreline when the sardines made a return to Warner Beach on Sunday, has gained a lot of attention on social media.

Lower South Coasters got their taste of the annual ‘sardine frenzy’ at Margate Beach last Friday, and then again at St Mike’s Beach last Saturday.

Many social media users reacted negatively to the video of Bashford wrestling the shark. But why did he do it?

Warning: Video contains language that might be considered offensive to some.

Bashford explains: “My friend hooked the shark and I helped to land the species when the line snapped. I, admittedly not thinking, ran into the waves and tackled the shark to get the fishing tackle out of its mouth.

“I have received some negative feedback, so I hope people now understand why I did what I did.”

Bashford, who is an experienced and passionate fisherman, says that with the help of a few others, he managed to get the shark onto the shore with his bare hands.

The shark, weighing 180kg, was then successfully released.

The bronze whaler shark is a fast-swimming predator that has been known to hunt in large groups, utilising their numbers to their advantage; however, for most of the time they remain solitary.

This species is associated closely with the annual sardine run. 

Bashford has Protea and KZN Colours for fishing and is a member of the Benders Fishing Club.

Follow him on Instagram: @bashfords_fishing_adventures

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