Stage 2 restrictions have been introduced due to increased demand and supply constraints due to load-shedding.

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Rand Water has implemented water restrictions for Johannesburg and Pretoria as they say there has been an increase in demand recently, which has negatively affected their resources.

In a statement issued by Mogale City Water Services assistant manager Johann van Eck, it is said that Rand Water has implemented stage 2 water restrictions on all bulk customer meters with immediate effect.

“This stems from a significant increase in water consumption resulting in a decline of its overall reservoir storage capacity. These restraints are also applicable to Mogale City which is supplied by the Eikenhof system.

“With the municipality over the last month or so imploring businesses, residents and other users to use water sparingly due to water-supply challenges ranging from low water pressure to no water at all in some areas, especially high-lying areas, the said restrictions could bring some relief,” Van Eck explained.

These restrictions are, however, not limited to Mogale City.

The City Of Tshwane recently implemented the same restrictions to prevent bulk water supply systems from collapsing and running dry.

The decision came after Rand Water notified the city that significant increases in water consumption resulted in a decline in overall reservoir capacity from 52% to 38%.

The city said that these restrictions, which call for a 30% reduction in water consumption, would trigger level 2 water tariffs, which are scaled tariff increases that can be implemented.

The spokesperson for Mayor Randall Williams said: “We should all be conscious of our water usage, […] we are facing a multi-pronged challenge”.

He added that water supply issues were likely to affect residents for some time as load-shedding also had an impact on water supply alongside Rand Water’s low water capacity, ‘especially to high lying areas, which use water pumps’.

Rand Water said that restrictions would be monitored every two weeks, and that the restrictions would be adjusted as required.

These restrictions apply:

1. Irrigating gardens with a hosepipe or irrigation system is prohibited.
2. Cleaning patios and driveways with a hosepipe is prohibited.
3. Washing vehicles with a hosepipe is prohibited.
4. Topping up swimming pools or water features is prohibited.

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