Residents in certain areas in Hartbeespoort were without water for a long period the past week due to the Madibeng municipality’s failure to pay its overdue Randwater account.

According to information Madibeng owed Randwater almost R18 million of which R12 million was overdue. Randwater has been choking the water supply to all its feeding areas for the past weeks but increased the choking to Hartbeespoort last week, leaving some areas, like Meerhof, without water for days.

According to sources, Madibeng requested a payment arrangement and was supposed to meet with Randwater in November, but did not show up for the meeting. The municipality was then informed that Randwater was going to reduce the flow. It was restricted by a further 20%.

“On Tuesday morning the Democratic Alliance’s national office stepped in and the municipality paid R6 million to Randwater later the day. Randwater agreed to reduce the choking,” said DA councillor, Erna Rossouw.

According to a payment arrangement on Tuesday, Madibeng now has to settle the R12 million overdue, as well as almost R4 million towards the current account, by 13 December 2019, or the water supply will again be choked by a further 20%, making the total water flow reduction 40%.

The municipality has not responded to Kormorant’s repeated enquiries at all.

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