Woman assaulted with pick handle, 22 bones broken (Warning: Graphic content)

A woman has spoken about her horror ordeal in a quest for justice. She alleges that she was left for dead by her younger brother after he assaulted her and fears he might return to finish the job.

 Photo: Volkan Olmez/Unsplash

A Chatsworth woman was left bedridden for six months after she was severely assaulted. She claims that her brother is responsible for her injuries, yelling that she must die with every blow he gave her.

She says that she has been reliving the fateful night when her younger brother allegedly beat her to near death in their family home two years ago. The woman requested for her name not to be published.

“I am living in fear of my life, thinking that at any time, he could come back and murder me to finish the job like he said he would.”

The woman, who is a mother of three and a grandmother, says that this is not the first assault she and her siblings had to endure at the hands of her brother. She also claims that he had done disturbing things as a child, such as hurting and killing animals.

She says that on the night in question, she was on the phone when her brother interrupted her call, demanding to know where a pair of his jeans was.

“He left the room with the words ‘I will show you’ and returned with a pick handle saying ‘Now I am going to kill you’.

“He swung for my head, but I blocked the handle with my arm. He continued to bludgeon me, screaming ‘Die!’ with each swing, breaking my arm, fingers, and shattering my wrist in the process.

“Even after he had broken my arm to the point where the sharp bone was poking out of my body, he continued, breaking 22 bones in my body, including my femur and legs. I also had a ruptured artery causing internal bleeding,” she says.

The woman says her brother then left the house, locking the doors and gates behind him. Her daughter, who was on the phone with her when the assault happened, rushed to her aid.

“When my children arrived, they tried climbing an awning and breaking the windows to get to me, injuring themselves in the process. I could hear them go hysterical in the background when they saw my broken body, I could feel myself slipping away,” she explained in gruesome detail.

Warning: The image below is graphic and is not for sensitive viewers. 
The victim was left covered in blood following the vicious assault.

She was rushed to hospital and claims that she was bedridden for the next six months.

She has laid a formal complaint against her brother but has not received any feedback about the status of the case from the police.

The 53-year-old woman alleges that her brother has several cases opened against him for assault and murder, but that is seems that none of them are gaining momentum to put him behind bars.

“Justice must prevail. We live in a society where men and women, who are experiencing domestic violence stay silent, not wanting anyone to know in fear of public shame. This must come to an end.

“We must expose such people and remove them from society, whether they are a family member, friend, or partner, these people are criminals and should be treated as such,” concluded the broken woman.

Director of Women and Men of Valour (WAMOV), Jennifer Fisher, said that she came to know about the situation from the victim’s sister, who explained the issues that they were facing with no idea of what to do about the matter.

“We assisted the family and victim where we could. When a family notices an infant or child displaying a character that is not normal for early child development or the milestones of adulthood, help should be sought as it could be a mental health challenge.

“Shielding your teenage children, who bully you, family members, or their peers is a red flag. Do not sweep it under the carpet because of society shame or expectation,” advised Fisher.

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