Xanadu Nature Estate has joined forces with Aequitas Security to combat crime in the Hartbeespoort community.

The Xanadu, Aequitas and MEGS team who made the project possible.

“We are dedicated to maintaining the safety of our community by providing innovative solutions to combat crime. The Estate and Aequitas Security are partnering to launch a community project aimed at reducing vehicle-related crimes in the area, utilising Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. This joint effort will work to reduce crime and improve safety in the local area,” Xanadu Nature Estate said.
Aequitas Security Solutions’ ANPR is a camera system that uses technology to automatically read and recognize a vehicle’s license plate, without the need for human involvement. Aequitas Security Solutions ANPR cameras are primarily used to detect, deter, and disrupt criminal activity, such as identifying and locating stolen or hijacked vehicles.
When a vehicle passes by an ANPR camera, its license plate number is deciphered and cross-checked against a nationwide database of vehicle records immediately.
The connected software constantly updates itself and flags any cars that have been reported as stolen, hijacked, or wanted by the South African Police Service.
If a match is found, the system instantly sends a high-alert notification to Aequitas Security Solutions control room.
The project, spearheaded by Aequitas Security Solutions in partnership with Xanadu Nature Estate and other local businesses and community organisations, is off to a great start. “Already, the initiative has achieved impressive results in preserving the area’s tranquil atmosphere. We would like to thank Ruan from MEGS, Mr Adrian Burn and Christo Wentzel for your dedication, time and resources in making this project possible.”

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