Young man stabbed to death in Brits street

“It should have been me… the knife was aimed at me but Dieter pulled me back and the man stabbed him in the chest.”

Dieter Grabie (22) and Chris Malan (19)

Chris Malan (19) and his friend Dieter Grabie (22) were attacked by five men in the street in Brits on Friday night and Dieter was cold-bloodedly stabbed to death.
The two young men were on their way home from the cricket club at 22:00 when they were overpowered by five men in Van Deventer Street. “As we walked past the park, I noticed something in the park and I told Dieter to put away his phone and we hurriedly walked on. The next moment five men jumped us. One stabbed at me but Dieter pulled me back and the knife entered his chest,” Chris recalled.
“My first thought was to get Dieter away from the men. I grabbed him and started running but after a few metres he collapsed and I picked him up and ran to the nearby fuel station. I never even looked back to see if the attackers were following us.”
When they reached the fuel station, fuel attendants came to their assistance and alerted the security company. Members of the Afriforum neighbourhood watch and MonitorNet security company were on the scene soon after. Dieter was rushed to a hospital in Brits but passed away soon after.
“We were like brothers, Dieter saved my life. It was a senseless attack. They did not rob us, it was just murder,” he said.