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Rhino poaching continues during lockdown

Rhino 911 rhino, a non-profit rhino conservation organisation, from the Brits area already had to save four rhino calves whose mothers had been poached...

Red spot disease confirmed in Hartbeespoort Dam

The faculty of veterinary sciences of the University of Pretoria has identified Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (EUS), or red spot disease in fish in...

We are looking for Miss and Mr Hartbeespoort

We are looking for the next Mr. and Miss Hartbeespoort! The closing date for entries is approaching and we urge young men and women...

Hartbeespoort Dam clean-up: 80 tons of litter and debris removed

The second Hartbeespoort Clean-up, initiated by Coastal Ghost earlier this year, was a huge success with approximately 80 tons of litter and debris removed...

Stop the Magaliesberg carnage

The beautiful Magaliesberg mountain in Hartbeespoort is being destroyed at an alarming rate by illegal wood choppers cutting and poisoning trees in the protected Magaliesberg Biosphere.

Stream of sewage at Meerhof School

A stream of sewage is running through the grounds of the Meerhof School for disabled children, damming up on the adjacent Meerhof Oewer. The school...

Hartbeespoort Dam’s hippo to be relocated to keep it safe

Hartbeespoort Dam's hippo is to be relocated to a safe place to ensure the animal's safety.

What are all the butterflies doing in Hartbeespoort

The annual migration of brown-veined white butterflies is currently taking place in South Africa.

New initiative to clean up dam environment

A group of residents, in conjunction with Coastal Ghost, a NPO with the objective of cleaning up the environment and creating awareness, commenced last...

KYK: De Wildt man duik luislang!

'n De Wildt-inwoner is Saterdag 'n paar keer gebyt en moes uiteindelik 'n 4 meter luislang duik gedurende 'n poging om die slang te vang en te beveilig.

Bugs are winning the war against the hyacinth

Billions of tiny insects are currently responsible for rapidly destroying the hyacinth on the Hartbeespoort Dam and scientists are of the opinion that herbicides have not been sprayed on the dying water plants.

The death of the hyacinth – biological control or herbicides?

During the past month the hyacinth has been dying on the Hartbeespoort Dam and there has been much speculation and clashing opinions regarding the cause, some citing biological control and others herbicide spraying.
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Police save life of woman trying to jump off Hartbeespoort Dam wall

Members of the Hartbeespoort police saved the life of a woman (31) who wanted to commit suicide on the Hartbeespoort Dam wall on Monday morning, 30 November.

People more at risk to contract measles than ever before, believes WHO

The World Health Organisation says Covid-19 has resulted in dangerous declines in immunisation coverage, leading to increased risk of measles outbreaks. According to figures recently...

Mother, son assaulted, tied to trees during Brits farm attack

woman (50) and her son (20) were held at knifepoint and assaulted for over an hour on their farm outside Brits on Saturday, before robbers forced them into the bush and tied them to tree stumps.

Where have all the Black Friday shoppers gone?

Black Friday is usually a buzzing day with shopping centres filled to the brim with bargain hunters and empty shops, but Black Friday in Hartbeespoort in 2020 is proving to be quite the opposite.